Can I Get Divorced Without Lawyer

By September 6, 2016Divorce Lawyer
Can I Get Divorced Without Lawyer

Can I Get Divorced Without Lawyer

Most divorces need the help of a lawyer, but ask yourself: can i get divorced without a lawyer? It could be possible if your situation is simple. If there are child custody situations and substantial assets involved that are going to need to be agreed upon. Also, if there is animosity or anger in the relationship, you will want to hire a lawyer to mitigate through the emotions that may arise as everything is being settled. Typically, no state will allow divorce proceedings to take place without one of the parties retaining a lawyer.

But then there are situations where a lawyer is not necessary. A No Fault Divorce means that you aren’t accusing your spouse of doing anything wrong to end the marriage. This is different than an uncontested divorce in which your spouse offers no legal opposition to the proceedings. Instances where you can file for a No Fault Divorce are if there are no children in the relationship and no large assets. In circumstances like these, you can typically get the paperwork online and go to the courthouse and file the documents with the county clerk.

It is always within your best interest to consult with a lawyer to find out if their services are really necessary, but it’s a decision you will have to make on our own. Lawyers are always going to want to represent you and they will tell you it’s within your best interest to hire them. Especially to get you what is fair in the divorce.

Divorcing doesn’t have to be a bad experience and you should try everything you can do to get through it without hurt feelings. There are certainly situations where bad feelings are going to be present, and these are the reasons why a lawyer may be the best option. But if it just didn’t work and you both know it, going through the divorce process amicably is the best option. Contact the Best Divorce Lawyer in Utah to schedule your consultation.

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