Divorce in Utah

By September 22, 2016Divorce Lawyer
Divorce in Utah

Divorce in Utah

Filing for divorce in Utah could be an easy process if you know where to start. It’s always recommended to hire a lawyer because they are familiar with the law and the court system and can provide the best advice to get what’s fair. Typically, a divorce takes 90 days to go through once the paperwork is filed with the court.

You don’t necessarily need an attorney to file for divorce if you and your spouse agree with the dividing of the assets. The only time you would have to go to the court is if there were certain aspects you didn’t agree on when the divorce decree was presented and there was no resolution. Otherwise, everything should be taken care of and agreed upon before the decree is signed, notarized, and filed.

There are several different clauses you can include in a divorce decree, some of them may be as simple as changing last names once the divorce is final to including a restraining order. This is when a lawyer is very helpful when it comes to sensitive subjects that one person may not want to tell the other one.

Divorce decrees may be modified later on if there is significant changes to income or custody/visitation with the children. There can also be changes if one of the parties involved moves out of state. Typically a modification needs to be drafted by a lawyer so ensure the correct verbage is used to the court’s liking. Once these are signed by both parties and filed with the court, they go into effect and anything that has been agreed upon needs to start from this point.

Divorce can be a very sensitive subject and it’s important to understand how the decisions that are made can affect the futures of the parties involved. It’s imperative to understand that divorce is not about getting back at each other for everything that went wrong during the marriage. It’s about splitting amicably so the parenting relationship isn’t hindered during the process. Call the Best Divorce Lawyer Utah to have all of your questions answered.

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