Legal Divorce Documents

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Legal Divorce Documents

Legal Divorce Documents

Legal divorce documents can be a way to file paperwork regarding your divorce without employing the help of an attorney. A lot of people don’t want to hire an attorney for a simple modification to a divorce decree, and now you have a way to fill out the paperwork and file it without the time and money it would take to go to an attorney.

A divorce attorney has their uses and can steer you in the right direction, but if you are familiar enough with what document you need to file, you can do that yourself on website. This website gives you a wide array of documents that might pertain to your particular situation. Some can be used free and others will have a charge associated with them. Any document that needs to be filed with the court will charge you a $20 fee. This is document preparation fee, not the filing fee, which will also be charged once the document is filed with the court.

The Utah Courts website can point you in the right direction to fill out, prepare, and file the paperwork with the court. They don’t provide any type of legal advice so if you have legal questions, it’s better to hire an attorney. There are also free or low cost avenues you can take to help make sure you are filling out the right form to submit. They are all listed on the website to help you. There are also reduced fee options where someone might make too much monthly to qualify for no cost legal help, but qualify for reduced cost. This can be a great way for someone that is still living paycheck to paycheck but needs the help of a lawyer. The website will direct you to another site which will ask a series of questions to see if you qualify for the help. Contact the Best Divorce Lawyer in Utah to get started on your divorce.

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